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Arsenal 1 Dispensers


Hillyard Arsenal® 1 Portable Dilution Control Kit

Includes dispensing gun, water hose and quick disconnects.  ea
Alternate #HIL99705

Hillyard Arsenal® One Quick Change Dispenser DE Gap

A compact dual product dispenser that safely and automatically dilutes Arsenal One brand 2.5 liter chemical concentrates with water. Creates ready-to-use cleaning/disinfecting formulas. Used to fill spray bottles, buckets and autoscubbers. There is no assembly required.  ea
Alternate #HIL99702EG

Hillyard Arsenal® 1 Dispenser

Arsenal® one wall mounted dispenser, E Gap. ASSE 1055B certified. Locking cabinet. Clear water access. Simple push button operation. 18" W x 26.25" Tall x 9" D.  ea
Alternate #HIL99700EG