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Floor Finishes - VCT


Hillyard Trilogy® North Star Floor Finish - 5 Gal.

Trilogy® System II. Formulated with durability in mind. It stands up to heavy traffic, dirt, scuffs, and black heel marks. It was built to take advantage of the heat and friction generated by repeated burnishing with ultra-high speed equipment. Burnishing only makes it look better. It's advance durability also helps it stand up to repeated scrubbing with water and detergents better than ordinary polishes.  ea
Alternate #HIL0052807

Hillyard Trilogy® Top Shape® Floor Polish

An 18% acrylic copolymer floor polish that provides a clear, wet-look, protective shine on floors. Perfect for resilient tile, terrazzo, unglazed ceramic, quarry tile, paver brick, natural stone, sealed wood, or concrete flooring. Classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc® as to slip resistance (186S).
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Hillyard Discovery 20® Floor Finish - 5 Gal. Pail

Formulated to maintain its shine longer with everyday traffic with less work. Excellent durability, it is ideal for schools and small office buildings.  ea
Alternate #HIL0052407