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Rider Scrubbers


Nobles® Speed Scrub™ Micro-Rider Scrubber - 26" Disk

Easy to learn, one button controls decrease the time spent training, and shifts it to more time spent cleaning. Choose either disk for smooth floors with out debris or cylindrical scrub heads for capturing light debris. Just scrubbed floors are immediately dry and safe for traffic and detergent is automatically mixed and measured precisely with optional FaST®. Also available with ec-H2O™. With ec-H2O™ option, you'll use 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods. Detergent clean. Water safe. ec-H2O technology converts water into a powerful cleaning solution. 29 gallon solution and recovery tanks.  ea
Alternate #9000875

Clarke® CR28 Boost® Rider Autoscrubber® - 28", 250 AH

Designed to clean the areas that are inaccessible with larger riders resulting in a cleaner facility with less detail work. With it's 28" cleaning path, it is effective at cleaning large open areas in your building as well. Turns in a super tight 59" aisle and is small enough to be transported in today's smaller elevators. With Boost® technology this machine strips your floors chemical-free, using only water. Uses up to 70% less water and chemicals. Extends pad life by 40%. Scrubs right into corners and along walls. Low profile deck glides under toe kicks and overhangs. Superior cleaning benefits over traditional disc machines. Earn LEEDS certification credits when using Boost® technology. Easy operation with Safe-T-Steering for added operator safety. Environmentally friendly with efficient solution control and usage. Superior solution pickup. Vacuum motor: .67 hp. Drive system motor power: .80 hp. Brush/pad motor power: 0.75 hp.  ea
Alternate #00345A

Tennant Model T7 Ride-On Scrubbers

Exclusive Hygienic tanks allow for easy access and sanitization, reducing mold, bacteria and other contaminants that can grow in enclosed tanks. Just scrubbed floors are immediately clean, dry and safe for traffic with ec-H20™ or FaST® technologies. 235 AH 24 volt batteries.
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