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Tennant 1610 Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner - 21 Gal.

Offers two cleaning options for maximum power and flexibility and is the first Tennant machine equipped with patented ReadySpace™ Technology. 42" H x 60" L x 28" W. Vacuum Motor HP: Two .64 HP; Brush Motor HP: Two .625 HP. 4-6 volt 235 AH batteries.  ea
Alternate #9000500

Tennant 1510 Battery Automatic Extractor - 21 Gal.

New, sleek and extremely easy to use. By pressing one button & twisting the handle grips, everything happens automatically. Vacuum Shoe Width: 22". Spray Pattern Width: 21". Solution/Recovery Capacity: 21 Gal./21 Gal.  ea
Alternate #614002

Tennant EX-CAN-10 Cainster Extractor

This extractor features a clamshell design, which allows quick and easy access to all working parts. Solution pump: 100 psi, 120V, 1A, 1.0 gpm. Vac motor: 1.8 hp, 3 stage, Single speed, 120 V AC, 13A. 25' power cord, 14 gauge, 3 wire SJTO, safety yellow.  ea
Alternate #9007481

Tennant EX-SC-1020 Self Contained Extractor

This carpet extractor allows for the exact amount of agitation to remove tough soil without causing damage. Vac Motor: 1.8 hp, 3-stage. Brush Motor: 1.5 A. Power Cord: 50', 16 gauge, safety yellow.  ea
Alternate #9007486

Tennant EX-SC-1020P Self-Contained Extractor - 20"

This extractor employs manual push operation and allows the operator to clean carpet faster than a traditional "pull back" extractor. Vacuum motor: 1.8 hp, 3-stage. Water lift at sealed orifice: 137". Power Cord: 75', 16 gauge, safety yellow.  ea
Alternate #9007480

Tennant EX-SC-412 Self-Contained Extractor - 10.5"

The lift-off recovery tank on this extractor lets the operator empty the tank into a drain or sink with ease. Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp, 2-stage. Water lift at sealed orifice: 91.5". Power Cord: 25', 16 gauge.  ea
Alternate #9007478

Tennant EX-SC-716 Self-Contained Extractor - 7 Gal.

Efficiently clean smaller areas with fewer empties/fills thanks to the 7 gallon solution and recovery tank capacity. Adjustable brush pressure. Vac motor: 1.66 hp, 3 stage. Brush motor: 1A, 1800 rpm. 50' power cord, 16 gauge.  ea
Alternate #9007484

Tennant EX-SPOT-2 Portable Spot Extractor - 2 Gal.

Clean spots before they become stains with the portable spot extractor. Includes 4" stainless steel hand tool. Vacuum motor: 1.12 hp, 2 stage, 120V, 7A, 840 watts. Vacuum motor type: Peripheral discharge, bypass: 4.8 dia. Power cord: 25' SJTO.  ea
Alternate #9007502