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Oven Grill Cleaner


Crown Chemical Churn™ Cleaner - Gal.

High power cleaner for ovens, grills, fryers, and hoods. Dissolves the toughest deposits of built-up grease and carbon. Designed for use on smokehouse walls, floors and racks. Highly concentrated and economical to use.  4/cs
Alternate #17041

Crown Chemical Lightning™ Oven, Grill & Fryer Cleaner

Dissolves tough deposits of built-up grease and carbon on fryers, grills, stoves, exhaust fans, hoods, filters and barbecues. Non-fuming and non-flammable.  4/cs
Alternate #17848

PRO-LINK® Oven Cleaner - 18 oz. Net Wt.

Spray on, wipe off formula. Superior foam stability allows for extended contact time. Effective on both warm and cold ovens, grills and drip pans. Not for use on aluminum. Removes caked-on and heavily burned grease.  12/cs
Alternate #KA005