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Food Service Specialty Cleaners


Crown Chemical Ice time™ Cleaner Descaler For Ice Machine

Nickel safe cleaner descaler for ice machines. Low fuming. Contains a synergistic acid blend which works faster and safer than standard lime scale solvents.  4/cs
Alternate #19341

Crown Chemical OxyBright™ Oxygen Stain Remover - 8 lb.

An oxygen releasing compound formulated to remove stains from china and plasticware in restaurants, cafeterias and institutional kitchens. Scoop included in each bottle.  2/cs
Alternate #11828

Sunburst CBW Cutting Board Whitener - Gal.

Designed to restore gray, stained, or discolored cutting boards to like-new condition. Its special formula helps remove stains that occur during daily use. Extra thick gel will not run off. Thick gel keeps the product where it needs to be.  2/cs
Alternate #4500X2