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Crown Chemical Citation™ Detergent w/Oxygen Bleach

A premium quality product for use in institutional and industrial laundry applications. Fortified with oxygen bleach for color-safe brightening of all fabrics. Convenient solid form minimizes chemical contact. Fresh fragrance.  4/cs
Alternate #25046

Integra® Propel Laundry Performance Booster 68 - Gal.

A concentrated liquid laundry additive based on hydrogen peroxide. Designed to be used during the wash cycle as a detergent additive. It provides exceptional soil removal. For institutional laundry use only.  4/cs
Alternate #PYL3030

Crown Chemical Entrust™ Laundry Detergent

Ideal for manual use in standard or high efficiency residential-type machines, or for automatic injection in front loading institutional machines. Contains a powerful surfactant system which penetrates and dissolves tough soils. Suspends and removes soil while brightening and retaining color. Lemon fresh fragrance. A concentrated, controlled sudsing laundry detergent for institutional, light industrial and residential use in top or front loading washers. Safe on most laundry washable fabrics when used as directed. Excellent for prespotting stains or spots.
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Crown Chemical PowerWash™ Laundry Detergent - 50 lb Drum

High quality powdered detergent for outstanding results in institutional and light industrial laundry applications. Contains an advanced blend of builders, surfactants, alkalis, antiredeposition agents and optical brighteners for optimum results in all water conditions and soil loads. Low sudsing. Fresh lemon fragrance.  ea
Alternate #23750

Sunburst CES Compass Solid Laundry Detergent - 5 lbs.

A revolutionary one-shot system that most often requires no additional chemicals in the washing process. A Conserv Energy System Product. Easy rinsing for quick and complete removal of soil. Washes in cold or warm water. 2 per case; Each 5 lb. capsule yields approx. 80 loads.  2/cs
Alternate #7866S2

Integra® Harmony Detergent w/Oxygen Bleach 79 - Gal.

Integra Green™. A non-phosphate, environmentally preferable, liquid detergent designed to be used on personal linen. Combination of detergent and oxygen bleach. Brightens, whitens and attacks tough stains. Leaves linen smelling fresh. 4 per case.  4/cs
Alternate #PYL3547

Crown Chemical UltraNeuSoft™ Fabric Softener -5 Gal. Pail

Fabric Neutralizer & Softener with Rust Removing Sour. Premium quality fabric softener combined with an effective sour for use in automatic dispensing equipment in institutional and industrial laundries. Delivers outstanding neutralizing characteristics against alkaline, hard water and chlorine residues while imparting a soft, silky finish on all types of fabric. Eliminates yellowing caused by iron deposition in hard water areas and restores the natural pH of cotton, synthetics and most other fabrics. Reduces drying time, improves the efficiency of ironing and helps eliminate static cling. Fresh floral fragrance.  ea
Alternate #28105

Integra® Laundry San Laundry Sanitizer 80 - Gal.

A laundry sanitizer for low temperature laundries where linen cannot tolerate chlorine bleach or high temperature washbaths. EPA approval. Effective against MRSA. 4 per case.  4/cs
Alternate #PYL3549

Sunburst Prizm Solid Laundry Detergent - 5 lbs.

A revolutionary solid detergent for institutional laundering. Penetrates beyond the surface to clean down in to linen fibers. Replaces up to four standard chemicals. Yields approx. 80 (50 lb) loads per 5 lb capsule.  2/cs
Alternate #7862S2

Sunburst Ultimate Laundry Detergent - 6.5 lbs.

A revolutionary solid detergent for institutional laundering. Penetrates beyond the surface to clean down into linen fibers. USDA Authorized. No separate sours or additional fabric softeners required. Replaces up to four standard chemicals.  2/cs
Alternate #7860S2