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Dust Mops


SSS® Special Endless Twist Dust Mop - 5" Universal, 72"

Made with top quality Endless Twist yarn that won't fray out or wash away. Available in either Universal 3" or 5" style to fit any mop frame.  6/cs
Alternate #37976

3M™ Doodleduster™ Cloth

Untreated, microfiber disposable cloth that leaves no slippery, sticky residue. Ideal for dusting floors before & after burnishing or prior to recoating. Size: 7" x 13.8" x 287.5' roll. White. Pack: 250 piece/roll; 1 roll per case.  ea
Alternate #19152

SSS® Endless Twist Colored Dust Mops

Available in either 5" wide Quick Change clip-on style or the Universal 5" or 3" styles that fit any frame. Endless twist mops can't fray out or wash away. The twisted loops prevent catching on obstacles or furniture. Prelaundered.
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SSS® Universal Economy Disposable Dust Mop - 5" x 24"

Don't let their looks fool you! These mops may not look like expensive rental dust mops, but they're made the same way, with many of the same materials. Pre-treated and ready for your cleaning job. Natural. 12 per case.  12/cs
Alternate #37529