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Multiple Surface Cleaners


Hillyard Arsenal® 1 #11 Restroom Cleaner/Disinfectant-2.5L

Foaming, hospital-grade disinfectant fortified with mild acid cleaners.  4/cs
Alternate #HIL0081125

Hillyard Mariner® Acid Cleaner - 1/2 Gal.

Cleaning Companion® touch Free cleaning. Designed to tackle the tough soils typically found in restrooms and shower rooms.  6/cs
Alternate #HIL0070222

Hillyard Arsenal® #5 Restroom Cleaner - 1/2 Gal.

A special blend of two acids plus detergents that delivers heavy duty cleaning action. It is ideal for removing soap scum, body oils, mineral deposits, and other soils associated with restroom cleaning. Dilution Rate: 1:20.  6/cs
Alternate #HIL0080522

Hillyard Arsenal® 1 #21 Typhoon® Bathroom Cleaner - 2.5L

Typhoon takes traditional restroom cleaning technology and turns it upside down. Unlike many typical restroom cleaners, Typhoon does not contain acids.  4/cs
Alternate #HIL0082125

Hillyard Crème Clean - Quart

An extra thick, detergent-based cleaner designed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs.  12/cs
Alternate #HIL0010604

Hillyard Arsenal® 1 #29 Green Select® Bathroom Cleaner

Formulated to be non-toxic, phosphate free, biodegradable, and non-flammable. Effective cleaning removes soap film and hard water deposits. Green Seal™ Certified.  4/cs
Alternate #HIL0082925

Hillyard Arsenal® 1 #5 Restroom Cleaner - 2.5 L

A special blend of two acids plus detergents that delivers heavy duty cleaning action. Pleasant cherry fragrance.  4/cs
Alternate #HIL0080525

Hillyard Suprox™ Concentrate - Gal.

This versatile, highly concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner contains stabilized hydrogen peroxide and natural citrus solvents to provide highly effective cleaning for many surfaces including glass, restroom fixtures, tile and grout, counters, floors, and carpets. Brightens grout and enhances the appearance of tiled surfaces.  4/cs
Alternate #HIL0011006

Enviro Solutions™ 51 Washroom Cleaner - Qt.

With Envirocide Odor Eliminator. Effective formulation to clean and Envirocide urinals, toilets and other washroom surfaces. Eliminates foul odors. Use for daily washroom maintenance program. Biodegradable, non-toxic; Green Seal™ Certified. Environmental Choice Program Certified.  6/cs
Alternate #ES51-QT

Enviro Solutions™ 53 Cream Cleanser - Qt.

With Envirocide odor eliminator. Smooth clinging cleanser that removes soap scum, body fats, grease and hard water salts from tubs, tiles and toilet bowls. Biodegradable, recyclable container. Non-flammable, non-corrosive at use dilution and non-toxic. Cleans without harsh abrasives. 6 per case.  6/cs
Alternate #ES53-QT

Enviro Solutions™ 56 Mild Acid Washroom Cleaner- .50 Gal.

Safe, powerful cleaner that cuts through scale, rust and stains without the use of hydrochloric, phosphoric, citric, glycolic, sulfamic or oxalic acids. No harmful fumes or vapors. Contains Envirocide Foul Odor Eliminator to leave the washroom fresh and free of odors.  4/cs
Alternate #ES56-4CS2

Enviro Solutions™ 920C Bio-Active Bathroom Clnr - .50 Gal

Cleans deeply and quickly. Eliminates soils and odors from urine and fecal matter. A blend of surfactants, active fermentation extracts, and bacteria. Contains microorganisms selected for their synergistic qualities to biodegrade. The microorganisms perform well in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Specially formulated for a superior cleaning performance. An effective all purpose bathroom cleaner for floors, walls, ceilings, counter-tops, sinks, faucets, mirrors, urinals and toilets. Specialized formulation allowing microbes to degrade trapped and absorbed organic material. EcoLogo™ certified.  2/cs
Alternate #ES920-CS2

Essential #43 Daily Restroom Cleaner - 1 oz. Handi-PAX Pouch

Environmentally sound, non-acid formula is safe for everyday use. Superior, safe cleaning of all restroom surfaces. Powerful deodorizing action leaves restrooms clean-scented. Meets or exceeds Green Seal's GS-37 standard. High biobased content. Super concentrated. 50 per case.  50/cs
Alternate #2743SC

Essential #44 Heavy-Duty Restroom Cleaner - 2 L

Super concentrated. Use dilution: 1:32 (4 oz/gal.). Removes mineral deposits, soap scum, body oils uric acid salts and heavy soils. Non-fuming, non-abrasive formula will not attack fixtures. pH: 0.5; pH use dilution: 1.8.  4/cs
Alternate #2744DCS