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Hillyard Restorer - Gal.

Protects base coat and keeps traffic lanes, heel marks, and scuffing to a minimum while restoring gloss to maximum levels. Restorer resists powdering caused by the heat and friction generated with ultra high-speed burnishers, plus its durable formula helps extend the time between refinishing to save time and money. Delivers a deep gloss while extending the life of your floor finish.  4/cs
Alternate #HIL0053906

Hillyard Nutra-Rinse® Neutralizer - Gal.

A high quality neutralizer and conditioner formulated to help eliminate alkaline residues on floors. Its special chelating action ties up the insoluble alkaline salts left behind by alkaline strippers that can cause floor finishes to powder or wear poorly. Nutra-Rinse allows stripper residue to be quickly and easily removed. Its labor-saving formula eliminates multiple rinsing steps.  4/cs
Alternate #HIL0021906