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Industrial Degreasers


Tartan Blast Heavy Duty Degreaser

Available in various sizes.
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Tartan Soil Solv Cleaner Degreaser

Heavy duty all purpose cleaner.
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Athea® Total Solutions® Orange Away Degreaser - Gal.

A strong, 95% d-Limonene-based cleaner and degreaser that can penetrate and loosen even the hardest soils and stains from just about any surface. Effectively strips away grease, grime, wax, oils, adhesives, tar, gums and more. Leaves behind a fresh orange scent. All-natural, biodegradable formula contains no petroleum distillates. NSF C1 certified.  4/cs
Alternate #378-1

Hillyard I-Force® SM-1® Accelerated Action Degreaser

A concentrated industrial degreaser designed for today's hard to remove soils. Use on concrete floors, air filters, exhaust hoods, walls, machine parts, and more. Was formulated with Accelerated Action Technology which means that it can do the job in less time than traditional degreasers, and more economically. NSF A1, A4.
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