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Floor Cleaners


Hillyard Arsenal® #18 Neutralizer/Carpet Rinse

A high quality neutralizer and conditioner formulated to help eliminate alkaline residues on floors. On resilient and hard floors, its special chelating action ties up the insoluble alkaline salts left behind by alkaline strippers that can case floor finishes to powder or wear poorly. Allows stripper residue to be quickly and easily removed. Its labor-saving formula eliminates multiple rinsing steps. On most floors, a flood rinse (using Neutralizer at 2 oz per gallon), followed by a damp mop rinse with clean water, is all that's required. Removes detergent residues left behind from repeated cleanings, and neutralizes any alkalinity in the carpet. Dilution rate: 1:64.
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Hillyard Arsenal® #10 Top Clean® Cleaner - 2 oz.

A fast acting synthetic cleaner that removes the soil and leaves the shine. It is specially formulated for metal cross-linked finishes as it preserves the high gloss appearance without leaving a dulling buildup. Has a neutral pH formula designed to attack dirt without harming your floor or your floor finish. Dilution rate: 1:256.  72/cs
Alternate #HIL0081092