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Drain & Sewer Maintenance


Crown Chemical DrainZyme™ Bio-Enzymatic Drain Maintainer

An outstanding product for maintaining drain lines and grease traps. Contains a synergistic blend of genetically programmed organisms which create rapid and continuous degradation of food by-products. Effective against oils, greases, fats, starches and other food residues which clog drain lines and traps. Formulated with multiple strains of bacterial microorganisms plus a special blend of enzymes for enhanced performance (over 250 billion per gallon). Safe and natural. Excellent odor control. Substantially reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the need for drain rodding or grease trap pumping. Fresh fragrance.
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Hillyard Drain Maintainer - Qt.

A true breakthrough in drain opener technology. Highly effective against obstructions caused by fats, oils, lint and hair. Odorless, nonflammable, and safer to use.  12/cs
Alternate #HIL0112204

Sunburst Biozyme Biological Grease Trap/Drain Treatment-4.5

A solid biological grease trap treatment that is dissolved by in-house water through an automatic inject system to keep drain lines free flowing. Keeps grease traps functioning properly, controls odors. 4.5 lbs.  ea
Alternate #1620S1