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Low Density Roll


Berry MQ Repro Black Coreless Roll - 38 x 57, 1.3 mil

Available in various sizes, and mils.  10/10/cs
Alternate #MQ3860150K

PRO-LINK® ThickSkins™ Black LLD Coreless Roll Liners

High-quality blended resins with up to 70% recycled content. Perfect option when you need an affordable, no-nonsense "green" option, they meet or exceed the EPA standards for post consumer waste content. Even their cartons are manufactured from recycled materials and printed with water-based inks. Qualifies for one LEED point (=>1 Mil bags). Star seal. Available in black.
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Colonial Bag Premium Coreless Roll Liners

Heavy guage film to handle demanding loads. Clear film helps stop theft and misplaced items from being discarded.
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PRO-LINK® ThickSkins™ Ultra LLD Coreless Roll Liners

All-purpose, "jack-of-all-trades" can liner is a smart choice that delivers total confidence every time you use it. Made with 100% prime virgin resins, ThickSkins Ultra provides excellent load capacity, tear resistance and toughness. Leak-proof star seal. Versatile, handles everything from paper and general refuse to heavy or sharp waste. Available in black, clear and white.
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Colonial Bag Custom Fit Liner - 52 x 75, 1.8 gauge, Black

Perfect for today's most popular containers, these form-fitting liners are durable enough to handle your heaviest loads. Coreless rolls are convenient and easy to distribute.  10/5/cs
Alternate #CRB96GAL

SSS® Terra Linear Low Density - 24x24, .72 mil, Black

When you've got a heavy load, you need a bag that will stand up to the test. Terra bags pass with flying colors, no leaks, no tears, and no punctures. Just superior performance that's suited to a variety of industrial applications. Environmentally friendly packaging: the cartons are manufactured from 60% recycled content and the ink used on the cartons is water based. The result: you get better performance at a lower cost. Applications: Terra bags offer dependable performance for heavy and sharp objects. Offers high puncture and tear resistance. They have excellent strength & stretch capabilities.  10/50/cs
Alternate #12833

SSS® Terra Renew™ Can Liner - 46 x 50, 1.25 mil

Made from recycled materials, so they're an environmentally better choice. Perfect for cost-conscious users looking for a thick bag suited to heavy-duty applications. Earthcare® Can Liners meet or exceed EPA guidelines for recycled post-consumer waste content. Black.  5/20/cs
Alternate #72672