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Food Service Degreaser


Sunburst Grease Release Heavy Duty Degreaser - 5 lbs.

A solid heavy duty grill cleaner, oven cleaner and general degreaser. A unique blend of surfactants & detergents leaves surfaces clean and film free. 100% active raw materials - no water or fillers added. Typically used with R2U1000 dispenser.  ea
Alternate #6030S1

Sunburst Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreaser - Gal.

Versatile all-purpose heavy duty degreaser that removes even burned-on grease from grills, fryers, hoods, ovens, walls & floors. Leaves surfaces shining bright. Use full strength for carbonized grease & varnish. Dilute for lighter soils.  4/cs
Alternate #61104

Sunburst Score Solid Emulsion Degreaser - 4.5 lbs.

Emulsifies grease and oil on food preparation and meat cutting surfaces, walls, floors or any hard surface. Non-caustic, non-corrosive; very safe to use. 100% active raw materials - no water or fillers added. Rinses easily and leaves no residue or film.  ea
Alternate #6000S1

Essential Food Service Foaming Cleaner & Degreaser - Gal.

Quickly dissolves heavy grease, oil, fat and grime from hard surfaces. Super concentrated for fast break-up of soils and grease. Thick foam clings to vertical surfaces. USDA A1, NSF A1.  4/cs
Alternate #2258FS-1