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Tork® Universal Quality 2 Ply Facial Tissue

Tork® Universal Quality 2 Ply Facial Tissue

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3M™ Doodleduster™ Cloth

Untreated, microfiber disposable cloth that leaves no slippery, sticky residue. Ideal for dusting floors before & after burnishing or prior to recoating. Size: 7" x 13.8" x 287.5' roll. White. Pack: 250 piece/roll; 1 roll per case.

Alternate #19152

Tork® Premium Facial Tissue Cube Box - 94 ct.

An ultra-soft premium 2-ply facial tissue which tells the user that you care about their comfort by delivering maximum softness, thickness and absorbency. Ideal for the vanity or in-wall dispensers. Unfolded: 8" x 8"; White; 2 Ply.

Alternate #TF6910A

Tork® Universal Bath Tissue Roll - 3.8" x 4"

Features a pebble embossing pattern. An absorbent economical bath tissue that delivers value and performance while embossed to enhance bulk and softness. T34 4-Roll bath tissue system. 616 sheets per roll. 5" roll diameter.

Alternate #240616

Tork® Universal w/OptiCore® Bath Tissue -3.8" x 4"

Controlled-use tissue w/OptiCore™ 2-part core technology. 100% recycled, exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste. Sheet Size: 3.8" x 4"; 1 ply; 585 feet per roll. Use Dispenser: 565728, 565828, 565628. 1755 sheets per roll, 36 rolls per case.

Alternate #112990

2XL Corp GymWipes Advantage Refill - 900 ct.

FDA approved formula kills 99.9% of common germs that may cause illness. Each wipe is textured for more effective cleaning. Non-toxic. Rigorously tested for surface compatibility. 8" x 6" towelette size.

Alternate #2XL-36

Dart® White Sip Thru® Lid For 6, 8, 10 oz.

Allows easy sipping of soft drinks, coffee, tea or juice.

Alternate #8UL

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ Tissue - 3 3/4" x 4"

100% recycled. Contains a minimum 20% post-consumer waste, which meets EPA guidelines. Fits both Dubl-Serv® 2-roll & Wagon Wheel® 4-roll dispensers. 3 3/4" wide with a 1.9" core, Single Ply, Controlled-Use. Use Dispenser: 72300, 72600, 88400. 1,232 sheets per roll, 48 rolls per case.

Alternate #12300

Tork® Advanced Hand Towel Roll - 7.5" x 1000', White

Offers the softness and strength needed to elevate your hand-drying experience. H71 Electronic hand towel system; Core: 1.9"; 1 ply. Use dispenser: 771720, 771728; Roll Diameter: 7.8".

Alternate #7171040

Tork® Universal Bath Tissue w/OptiCore® - 3.8" x 4"

100% recycled and exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste. Embossed. Environmentally preferable packaging. Green Seal™ certified. Controlled-use tissue w/OptiCore® 2-part core technology. Use Dispenser: 565728, 565828, 565628; 2 ply. 865 sheets per roll, 36 rolls per case.

Alternate #161990